9th Science Week

For second consecutive year, E-USOC has taken part in the Madrid Science Week. This event is held every year during November. The Science Week tries to spread the results of scientific researches by opening the scientific spaces normally closed to visitors. Its main aim is to stimulate the knowledge of science and technology among citizens. It offers more that 500 free activities addressed to all citizens without distinction based on age, gender, level of scientific training, or social category.

Our specific activity consist on a facility tour. On the first part, visitors could attend to a short presentation about E-USOC activity: Space Operations and Infrastructure; with the advantage that the could see, through the glass outside the control room, how the real time operations work. Subsequently, they visited the science laboratory accompanied with a researcher, who gives an explanation about latest microgravity experiment.

We hope everyone enjoyed the visit and we sincerely apologize those people who could not attend the activity because of the modification on the initial scheduling (due to our operation’s activity we had to change the visit planned from November 18th to November13th). Anyhow, if you are interested in visiting our centre don’t hesitate to contact us.