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The #Scilight journal from the American Institute of Physics just featured an article authored by our researchers. Read it here! The study led by C. Peromingo, P. Salgado Sánchez, D. Gligor, A. Bello, and J. Rodríguez, published in Physics of Fluids (2023), addresses innovative methods to reduce sloshing in microgravity environments. Simulations were conducted to identify the optimal shape, number, and arrangement of baffles in a rectangular tank. Additionally, temperature modulation was introduced to counteract the original sloshing motion. Findings: The findings demonstrated that the ideal combination of baffles and temperature modulation reduced sloshing decay time by over 80%. This strategy showed significant ... Read More
23 November, 2023E-USOC



15th Science Week

For the eighth time in a row the E-USOC has participated in the activities englobed as part of the XV Science Week. As done in previous years, it has been offered to visit our facilities, located in Excellent IT and Technology Transfer Montegancedo Campus of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. The guided tour participants could observe first-hand how the real time International Space Station (ISS) operations environment works. In detail, the participants can visit our clean room, the fluids laboratory and, of course, our control room. In the clean room, currently without any engineering model from the ISS, the participants could ... Read More
25 November, 2015E-USOC



14th Science Week

On the occasion of the fourteenth edition of the Science Week, E-USOC has offered, for seventh time in a row, the opportunity to visit its facilities located in the Excellent IT and Technology Transfer Montegancedo Campus of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. More than 900 free activities were present in the agenda of the 2014 edition of the Science Week. Activities like guided tours, workshops, roundtables and open houses; all of them of different themes. The main objective of these sessions is to inform citizens about the research activities being carried out in the Community of Madrid. During the E-USOC guided tour, the ... Read More
20 November, 2014E-USOC



9th Science Week

For second consecutive year, E-USOC has taken part in the Madrid Science Week. This event is held every year during November. The Science Week tries to spread the results of scientific researches by opening the scientific spaces normally closed to visitors. Its main aim is to stimulate the knowledge of science and technology among citizens. It offers more that 500 free activities addressed to all citizens without distinction based on age, gender, level of scientific training, or social category. Our specific activity consist on a facility tour. On the first part, visitors could attend to a short presentation about E-USOC activity: ... Read More
24 November, 2009E-USOC