14th Science Week

On the occasion of the fourteenth edition of the Science Week, E-USOC has offered, for seventh time in a row, the opportunity to visit its facilities located in the Excellent IT and Technology Transfer Montegancedo Campus of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. More than 900 free activities were present in the agenda of the 2014 edition of the Science Week. Activities like guided tours, workshops, roundtables and open houses; all of them of different themes. The main objective of these sessions is to inform citizens about the research activities being carried out in the Community of Madrid.

During the E-USOC guided tour, the participants had the opportunity to visit our facilities, which covers the clean room, the fluids laboratory and of course, our control room. In the clean room the participants could see the engineering model of the SODI DCMIX3 experiment. In the laboratory, our researchers explained and performed a demonstration of the last experiment about Vibrated Fluids they are working on. Lastly, in the control room, they could see first-hand how the real time operations environment for International Space Station (ISS) experiments is, with real time audio and video from the ISS. Also, for a better understanding of our work, a short briefing was given about the global ISS operations environment and the E-USOC role on it.

In this edition, more than 50 participants attended our visits. Among them, the Aeromechanics students of IES Raul Vazquez . We are very sorry for not being able to accommodate all the interested people due to the limited seating capacity. We truly wish you enjoyed the visit and we wish to see you in future occasions.

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