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SODI-DCMIX experiment continues with a new science campaign. SODI was comfortably stowed in Columbus while other experiments did their duties in MSG and now it is SODI´s time again! Astronaut Kate Rubins (#AstroKate) brought SODI and DCMIX cells back from their inactivity and started the installation. After an almost 3 hour set up activity, Kate managed to put all things together and woke SODI up again. Silent space radiation could have damaged SODI software during its rest and that´s why USB recovery was prepared and launched to the Station on 18 July. However, this was not the case since SODI started ... Read More
26 September, 2016E-USOC



15th Science Week

For the eighth time in a row the E-USOC has participated in the activities englobed as part of the XV Science Week. As done in previous years, it has been offered to visit our facilities, located in Excellent IT and Technology Transfer Montegancedo Campus of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. The guided tour participants could observe first-hand how the real time International Space Station (ISS) operations environment works. In detail, the participants can visit our clean room, the fluids laboratory and, of course, our control room. In the clean room, currently without any engineering model from the ISS, the participants could ... Read More
25 November, 2015E-USOC



14th Science Week

On the occasion of the fourteenth edition of the Science Week, E-USOC has offered, for seventh time in a row, the opportunity to visit its facilities located in the Excellent IT and Technology Transfer Montegancedo Campus of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. More than 900 free activities were present in the agenda of the 2014 edition of the Science Week. Activities like guided tours, workshops, roundtables and open houses; all of them of different themes. The main objective of these sessions is to inform citizens about the research activities being carried out in the Community of Madrid. During the E-USOC guided tour, the ... Read More
20 November, 2014E-USOC


The Zeldovich Medals are conferred by the Russian Academy of Sciences and COSPAR to young scientists (under 36) for excellence and achievements. These institutions have announced the concession of a medal to José Miguel Ezquerro, an Aeronautical Engineer by the Polytechnics University of Madrid (UPM), who is currently writing his PhD thesis in the field of aerospace research. In the case of Ezquerro, the board of Materials Sciences in Space has assessed the expertise, professionalism and commitment shown in the payload operations support for fluid science experiments on-board the ISS. In particular, the work in the SODI-DCMIX2 experiment, which aims ... Read More
22 April, 2014E-USOC


The SODI-DCMIX2 experiment aims to study the diffusion coefficients of ternary fluid mixtures samples in a microgravity environment. In specific, in different petroleum field samples and refine petroleum reservoir models, to help lead to more efficient extraction of oil resources. Development and validation of the on-board procedures and automatic scripts, planning of the on-board activities, remote control and monitoring of the payload, troubleshooting of anomalies in a quick and agile way, data retrieval and dissemination to the scientific community, have been some of the tasks carried on by E-USOC in this project, for which there has been a tight coordination and collaboration ... Read More
19 February, 2014E-USOC