SODI-DCMIX: happy to see you again!

SODI-DCMIX experiment continues with a new science campaign. SODI was comfortably stowed in Columbus while other experiments did their duties in MSG and now it is SODI´s time again! Astronaut Kate Rubins (#AstroKate) brought SODI and DCMIX cells back from their inactivity and started the installation. After an almost 3 hour set up activity, Kate managed to put all things together and woke SODI up again. Silent space radiation could have damaged SODI software during its rest and that´s why USB recovery was prepared and launched to the Station on 18 July. However, this was not the case since SODI started flawlessly!

In her own words “[…] I think it´s really incredible science so I’m looking forward to DCMIX team […] thank you guys I hope you get some cool results. […]“

Wilco! Thanks to you Kate, you are indeed our rock star!

SODI-DCMIX installation by Kate Rubins

Source: NASA

Do you want to hear Kate after SODI set up?

Click play.


[Kate Rubins] Copy Houston…And Hunstville Station on Space to Ground 2 for SODI.

[Paycom] With you on 2, Kate.

[Kate Rubins] I just wanted to let you know the photos are available for downlink on SSC20 and Andria, you are an absolute rock star! Thank you for being a fantastic PAYCOM, and getting us through a complex and very cool set up today and I just want to take a moment to say thank you to the all of the folks at Hunstville that are doing operations, the SODI team, the MSG team. You guys are really impressive with what you’re able to do with these procedures. It’s really smooth getting the stuff in, even when we hit a little snag we figure it out quickly, and I think it´s really incredible science so I’m looking forward to the DCMIX team. I’m not exactly an expert on tripartite hydrocarbon mixtures but, it’s very cool. I’ve actually been reading up on it because it’s so interesting. I didn’t know a lot about thermodiffusion, on how microgravity affects thermodynamic modelling, but it´s really a fascinating example of the kind of variety of science we have up here so thank you guys, I hope you get some cool results. And also to Munich, to Uwe. Thank you very much for the training at EAC. I still remember that class and that helped me out a lot with the big picture today. So I appreciate it, to all those folks.

[Paycom] Thanks Kate, Hunstville copies all and will pass on all those good words, and considering we started the activity with a couple of screws loose, I think we did pretty well.

[Kate Rubins] I was saying the same thing, so thank you so much again!