SODI IVIDIL Operations finished


Source: ESA

Last January 28th, IVIDIL was finally deinstalled, and officially successfully finished. A space experiment, from the operative point of view, is always a great challenge, since so many people from so many different working fields and specialties are involved. The intervention and commitment of quite a big number of actors from the American, Canadian and European space agencies and teams have made possible quick and effective solutions to all issues found during the preparation and execution of this experiment.

E-USOC has lead the task to coordinate scientific team needs and top industry developers knowledge and experience, also has been in charge of the planning and execution of the experiment onboard the Columbus module, and of the implementation of all necessary changes to get the best results with the limited available time and resources derived from working in such a special environment as the ISS.

SODI IVIDIL Experiment Dates and Figures
Date By
September 23rd 2009 Frank De Winne (ESA)
Robert Thirsk(CSA)
Date By
January 28th 2010 Soichi Noguchi (JAXA)
Science Images generated onboard
No. Files Size
80827 159 GB
Science Images downlinked
No. Files Size
15673 30.9 GB
Science Runs 57
Science running time
17 days, 1 hour and 59 min
Number of Cell arrays

A great effort, rewarded by outstanding results has been made from all sides in the demanding field of space operations

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