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The Zeldovich Medals are conferred by the Russian Academy of Sciences and COSPAR to young scientists (under 36) for excellence and achievements. These institutions have announced the concession of a medal to José Miguel Ezquerro, an Aeronautical Engineer by the Polytechnics University of Madrid (UPM), who is currently writing his PhD thesis in the field of aerospace research. In the case of Ezquerro, the board of Materials Sciences in Space has assessed the expertise, professionalism and commitment shown in the payload operations support for fluid science experiments on-board the ISS. In particular, the work in the SODI-DCMIX2 experiment, which aims ... Read More
22 April, 2014E-USOC



EPO Foam Stability

Source: NASA EPO Foam Stability dates and figures Experiment Session 11 January 2012 Performed by André Kuipers Science runs 3 Science running time 1 hour Number of cell arrays 3 “Second successful scientific execution on orbit with educational added value” The first part of the EPO Foam Stability experiment has been successfully performed inside Columbus by André Kuipers on January 2012. This experiment first part pursued two main objectives: one scientific and one educational. After the data evaluation of the former FOAM-S experiment, scientists proposed new fluid mixtures samples testing. In addition the ESA Education Office has created an educational programme that will transmit science on orbit activities to classrooms ... Read More
10 April, 2012E-USOC