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The operations of COLLOID-2 experiment, carried out by E-USOC, have been completed successfully. This experiment is a follow up of SODI-COLLOID, that focused on three-dimensional photonic structures which possess appealing optical properties, making them candidates for future nano-technology. The presence of gravity increases the difficulty in the manufacture of colloidal photonic crystals structures. Therefore the researchers expect to figure out the phenomenon of aggregation eliminating that factor -i.e. studying particles interactions in microgravity conditions– in the modular instrument SODI (Selectable Optical Diagnostics Instrument) on board the ISS. Source: E-USOC This second attempt was requested by scientists to clarify the ... Read More
21 November, 2011E-USOC


COLLOID Experiment Execution Increments 24 & 25 EVENT DATE Progress 39P Launch 10/09/2010 Docking 12/09/2010 HW SETUP SODI Harnesses Installation 13/09/2010 SODI-COLLOID Installation Inside MSG 14/09/2010 1st Flash Disk (Science Runs) 14/09/2010 to 27/09/2010 Flight Disk Exchange 27/09/2010 2nd Flash Disk (Science Runs) 27/09/2010 to 10/05/2010 Hardware Stow 13/10/2010 Planned Shuttle Undock ULF5 10/11/2010 Data Generated On Board 1st Flash Disk 2nd Flash Disk 120 GB 71.5 GB On October 2010, another fluid physics challenge of great interest for the scientific community has been successfully faced up on board the International Space Station (ISS). It is about the COLLOID experiment completion which performance, lasting for three weeks around, was supported by the E-USOC. The COLLOID project stems from the proposal “Advanced Photonic Devices in Microgravity” that focuses on ... Read More
7 October, 2010E-USOC


Fuente: Verhaert Space After the successful completion of the SODI IVIDIL experiment, E-USOC team is already working in the preparation of SODI COLLOID, which will be flown in the ULF4 (Space Shuttle Mission STS-132), and is expected to be finished before mission ULF6 (STS-134), when data drives will be brought back to ground. From now on, we will be in continuous  contact and coordination with the COLLOID Scientific team (User Home Base) from Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA), the Payload Developers from Verhaert Space industry and our usual ESA colleagues. For further information read our complete article about SODI COLLOID experiment. ... Read More
25 February, 2010E-USOC


Source: ESA Last January 28th, IVIDIL was finally deinstalled, and officially successfully finished. A space experiment, from the operative point of view, is always a great challenge, since so many people from so many different working fields and specialties are involved. The intervention and commitment of quite a big number of actors from the American, Canadian and European space agencies and teams have made possible quick and effective solutions to all issues found during the preparation and execution of this experiment. E-USOC has lead the task to coordinate scientific team needs and top industry developers knowledge and experience, also ... Read More
3 February, 2010E-USOC