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Fuente: E-USOC FOAM-S dates and figures Experiment sessions 1) September 26th 2009 2) October 2nd 2009 3) October 31st 2009 Performed by Frank de Winne (ESA) Processsed Images / Capacity 1250000 / 560GB Science Runs 17 Science running time 11 hours Number of cell arrays 5 FOAM-S experiment was performed onboard the ISS (inside Columbus module) by Frank De Winne in three different sessions at the end of 2009. This experiment basically consisted on recording aqueous and non-aqueous foams in microgravity environment. There were a total of 5 cell arrays, each of them comprised of 12 cylinders filled with different fluid mixtures samples. After shaking the cell array, the astronaut had to place ... Read More
6 September, 2010E-USOC