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After a year of intense work, both teams from E-USOC have come back with a big amount of promising results and a magnificent experience. “We are really satisfied with the work done and, despite of last minute problems and some unexpected surprises, we are pleased with the outcomes”, both teams asseverate.



SODI-DCMIX experiment continues with a new science campaign. SODI was comfortably stowed in Columbus while other experiments did their duties in MSG and now it is SODI´s time again!

Astronaut Kate Rubins (#AstroKate) brought SODI and DCMIX cells back from their inactivity and started the installation. After an almost 3 hour set up activity, Kate managed to put all things together and woke SODI up again.

Silent space radiation could have damaged SODI software during its rest and that´s why USB recovery was prepared and launched to the Station on 18 July. However, this was not the case since SODI started flawlessly!


Source: NASA

In her own words “[…] I think it´s really incredible science so I’m looking forward to DCMIX team […] thank you guys I hope you get some cool results. […]“

Wilco! Thanks to you Kate, you are indeed our rock star!

Do you want to hear Kate after SODI set up?

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