E-USOC Intranet


What is a USOC?

USOC stands for User Support and Operations Centre and is based in national centres distributed throughout Europe. These centers are responsible for the use and implementation of European payloads onboard the ISS. E-USOC participates in the following tasks:


Source: E-USOC

  • Facility and experiment operations preparation, validation, and execution.

  • Payload (onboard ISS) increment planning and inputs to the overall mission/increment/partner plan.

  • Operations feasibility and science samples bread-boarding with the Scientific Reference Model (SRM), collecting science requirements for experiment and payload upgrades.
  • Scientific experiment preparation and operation validation on SRM/EM (Engineering Model) including validation of payload increment timelines, increment procedures and payload data base.

  • Consolidated planning in coordination with Industry for ground model utilisation (SRM/EM/EGSE) for increment preparation.

  • Provision of science/sample based parts to experiment safety data packages, experiment qualification and validation testing, experiment ground and launch site processing.
  • Update of the Payload Operations Data File (PODF), operations scenarios with associated centres (FSCs, ESCs and UHBs), validation and interface testing of ground segment (in particular with the Columbus Control Centre (Col-CC), FSCs/ESCs/UHBs), experiment ground operations products for launch items.

  • Experiment training requirements and procedures, astronaut training support for experiment operations (including instructors), familiarisation of scientists.

  • Ground rules and constraints, issue of planning and re-planning requests, inputs to short-term-plan, timeline and ground data flows.

  • Real-time operations management and re-planning for payload and experiment execution, payload team co-ordination, flight anomalies reporting, console logs, payload data processing, ground based (parallel) experiments on SRM/EM.

  • Early retrieval and late access activities, configuration control of experiment ground models (e.g. ground experiment containers), SRM configuration control.

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